Gangster Mafia City Grand Auto Crime


Gangster Mafia City Grand Auto Crime
  • KategoriAction
  • Gereksinimler4.4W ve sonrası
  • Dosya Boyutu56M
  • Güncelleme
  • GeliştiriciOneup Action Games
  • PlatformAndroid

Oyun Açıklaması

If you are a fan of open world simulator free vegas crime games or super hero games then Gangster Mafia City Grand Auto Crime is the perfect game for you. Based in an immersive 3D environment that looks like miami and las vegas with tall buildings like New York. You will have to fight dangerous mafia gangsters from all over the world like, Russia, China, Mexico and Italy. Embark on an action filled thrilling super hero in vice crime city which gives you the freedom to decide wether to be the good guy or the bad guy. It is no ordinary city, this vice city is a black hole and you are the only hero that can save it from terrorist militia. Use all your super powers and defeat the various crime lords of gangster city. Enemy terrorist militia is creating mayhem throughout city. The city is facing a frantic twisted battle and it is time for you to prove that you are the only black hole speed super hero gunstar that can save the vice fort city. It is a free fun fps game with plenty of action filled striker secret missions and a super sniper story that will keep you entertained for hours. Strike hard and counter terrorist enemy attacks in this fierce battler shooter to prove that you are the best crime fighter. Defeat the mafia hero and deadly criminals in this latest action open world free crime game. Fire at will when you see a gangster on the street and be the star of the vegas mafia rope city!