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Android - WiFi Router Admin access
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Oyun Açıklaması

Why install this app?
This app is a simple tool that helps you to find your router's address (address like this or and get access to your WiFi administration page.

Why access the WiFi administration page?
It's very helpful to get access to your Wifi administration page for many reason, we’ll tell you some ones:
- You can know how many users are connected to your WiFi network.
- You can disconnect and bloc some users.
- You can change your WiFi password.
- You can change your WiFi SSID (WiFi diplayed name)
- You can connect/disconnect the router to/from the internet.
- You can change your network mode.
- You can update your router firmware for advanced users.

I don't know my router address?
If you don't know your router address you should use our list of 20 most used WiFi addresses, and with a bit of luck you will find your router's address easily.
Else you can enter your router's brand and model and search in our database to find the address of your router.
If you have any problem to find your router address, just let us a comment with your router's brand and model and we'll be happy to help you.

I don't know my router username and password?
Don't worry; you can select your router's brand and model to search in our database to find your router's default username and address.
This method is usable only if you have not change them before, else you can manually rest the router by clicking the reset button (usually in the bottom of the router) to reset it to the factory settings, but be aware because you will lose all your router's settings.

What are the most used routers addresses?
The most used addresses to access to the administration pages are: