Amharic Keyboard - Amharic Typing keyboard


Amharic Keyboard - Amharic Typing keyboard

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Type faster in Amharic. Keyboard supports themes and emojis. Amharic keypad, Amharic layout and Amharic mobile keyboard in all your applications.

Typing with this Amharic keyboard is the fastest way to type - you don't need any other Amharic input tools. It works inside all applications on your phone - no more copy-paste! Supports 21+ colorful themes with easy settings, this is the trendiest way to type Amharic letters on Android, and the easiest Amharic typing keyboard!

????No more typing with slow manual keyboards - this is the best Android Amharic Transliteration Keyboard that is free, fast, effortless and easy to use. ????

???? Features ????

????Various layouts and support for tablet device
It provides various layouts that enables you to easily type Amharic. Write Amharic, send email and sms, write on images & builtin Amharic keyboard. Lets you quickly switch between Amharic(አማርኛ) & English keyboards to enable multi-language text entry with a push of a button.

????Colorful themes
There are various colorful themes to choose from the available 100+ themes and apply it as your default Amharic keyboard theme. ???? Hundreds of keyboard themes There is always one for you.

- Amharic(አማርኛ)
- English
 -Theme maker: Customization with many color themes
- Has both Amharic & English Keyboard layouts.
- Innovative easy keyboard layout for Amharic and modes for a better and fast experiences.

????Fast and smart typing
Chat with your friends and family in your native language - use native Amharic text on any chatting or social media apps on your phone like a regular keyboard. Enables you to easily type Amharic(አማርኛ) on your Android smart phones by makes it simpler to communicate in Amharic while using Message Facebook, Skype, Viber, Twitter etc...

????Word corrections and suggestions
Amharic keyboard is smart enough to recognize typo and provide correction suggestions to you while typing. Amharic Keyboard lets you type in English characters which gets instantly converted to Amharic.

????Highly configurable to your needs ????
 More than 300 Amharic(አማርኛ) alphabets are included. It enables you to configure your keyboard in your own desired ways. Amharic (Ge'ez) Input Method that enables you type Amharic easily and fast. In addition to Amharic, it supports typing in Tigrigna, Afaan Oromoo and more.

????Emoji Amharic keyboard ❤️
Amharic Keyboard let you write Amharic language with Amharic Emoji Keyboard. Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic is now the best in the market to type Ethiopian languages on Android. ????Ethiopia Geez Keyboard by Ethiopic has all Emoji characters. ????Funny Emoji, GIF, Stickers which can make your typing funnier.

We will never collect your personal info including credit card information and so on.
However, you may receive a warning when activating Amharic Keyboard saying “This keyboard may collect your personal data.” The warning message is a standard message in Android for ANY third-party keyboard app, so don’t worry.