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Connect Mobile

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Connect Mobile

Voice, Presence, Extension Video Calling & More…

Take Your Office on the Road with You

- HD Calls
- Ability To Make Calls Over Wifi Without Using Carrier Minutes
- Visual Voicemail Access
- Access Personal Phone Contacts & Corporate Directory
- Manage Call Forwarding
- Access and Manage Speed Dials With Presence
- Internal Video Calling
- Extension To Extension Dialing
- Call History – Receive, Missed & Dialed Calls
- Multiple Call Support – Merge, Split & Transfer Calls
- Call Waiting
- Speaker, Mute & Hold Functions
- Optimize Battery Life With Push Notifications While Allowing The App To Sleep In The
Background Until A Call Comes In
- QR Code Scanner for Instant Account Configuration, Never Type a Password Again!
- IPv4/IPv6 Support
- DTMF Tone Support To Enter Numbers To Use In An Auto Attendant
- 24/7/365 Live US Based Tech Support
- Ad Hoc Call Recording Via A Star Code
- Bluetooth Support
- Supports G711, G729 & G722 Codecs

911 Info: Calls to 911 placed through the NetCarrier Mobile Application on a smartphone are automatically routed to the native dialer on the smartphone to be handled by your wireless service provider if wireless service is available. If your wireless service is unavailable, the 911 call will not be placed. The NetCarrier Mobile Application is not able to place emergency calls over Wi-Fi access. Emergency dialing is not available through the NetCarrier Mobile Application on any device without a native phone dialer and a wireless service plan.


NetCarrier mobile application functionality requires an existing nCloud Connect Account.

Mobile network operators can restrict the use of VoIP functionality over their network. By downloading the NetCarrier Mobile Application, you agree to learn and abide by your cellular carrier's network restrictions. NetCarrier will not be held liable for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for use of VoIP over Cellular Data.


All calls will originate from the user’s primary US location. Local, long distance and international calling rates may apply.

International and data roaming charges from your mobile carrier may apply when using the NetCarrier Mobile Application outside of the US. Please check with your mobile carrier for information about data roaming charges.