linksys wifi router setup guide

Android linksys wifi router setup guide
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You may need to re-install to activate your internet connection when you receive a new modem or if you forget your modem's login information or wifi password. So you need to know the following topics: wifi router setup, wifi password change, router reset, wifi password recovery, router settings etc ..

This app shows how to setup linksys wifi router admin. The application helps you learn how to make important configuration settings with installation.

The app content:

* How to set up your Linksys Wifi Router ( Linksys ac 1200 ac 2200, linksys by cisco)
* How to check the local IP address of your Linksys router ( Default ip address 192.168.l.l to linksys login)
* How to change the Linksys router password
* How to change your router's wifi password (linksys wifi password recovery)
* How to set up WEP, WPA or WPA2 wireless security
* How to configure the Wireless Bridge Mode on most Linksys Wi-Fi Routers
* How to reset linksys smart wifi router password
* How to setup wifi range extender (linksys dual-band wifi range extender setup)